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Espresso in Timun

Our, Croatian way of coffee nowadays is espresso. You’ll still find some filter made coffee or Turkish coffee at Croatian homes, but in the bars you’ll be served with espresso.
Same as in Italy, home of modern espresso, almost every village have different name for same type of coffee. As you can imagine by now sometimes same name is used for different types of coffee.
We’ll try to help you to choose the right one in first try…

Our Coffees



That's what you get if you order coffee in Croatia. Small, very small cup half full with perfect and strong espresso.

9 Kn - ~1,2 €


Caffe macchiato or Espresso Macchiato

That's espresso with a dash of frothy steamed or cold milk depending of your choice. If you order just as macchiato, we'll serve it with cold milk. Tell us if you want it hot ;).
Never, but never order it if you want to drink something like White coffee or Milchkaffee.

10 Kn - ~1,4 €

Coffee with milk

Espresso with milk / Kava s mlijekom

This one's easy. The same rules as for macchiato in bigger cup with a bit more milk.
And one special note for Zagreb boys and girls. You'll not have this if you ordered macchiato, we're not a mind readers ;).

12 Kn - ~1,6 €

Latte macchiato

White coffee, Milchkaffee, Bijela kava

That's the one if you want even more milk. Not a Starbuck size, but almost. On the other hand it tastes coffee so it's not at all like Starbuck's 😉

12 Kn - ~1,6 €

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